What our customers are saying

I am so pleased that this has been set up!

I have been with the Trust for some years now within a range of departments and have observed files being emptied and binned by some members of staff.

Having worked in a part of the Trust where funding issues meant stationery was hard to get I knew that I could put the files to good use and filled three sacks full

(carrying them on the bus! Imagine) to take to them there.

I did suggest this to managers but the answers were that it was time-consuming and it needed to be properly set up.

I am so glad that this has been done!

Anon, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

It is great that we can reuse rather than add to the already growing mountain that is landfill!

Anon, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

A very useful service for passing on items which still have a use and can be of benefit to others.

Anon, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde